Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness is your premier full-service physical therapy private practice. Our staff is trained to efficiently rehabilitate a variety of conditions. Here is a brief listing of what we specialize in:

Built by clinicians and credentialing experts, MyMedCred provides simple, centralized, credentials management for your entire team of healthcare providers. A compliance and credential management solution that allows you to manage your providers, business partners, suppliers or workforce. Customize your specific requirements such as Licenses, Certifications, Data Requests, Policy Acknowledgements, background checks etc. Request, submission, review, request for more information, and pending non-compliance notifications are secure and automated!

White Orchid Hospice provides in-home patient hospice services that allows seriously ill people to transition in a comfortable environment with access to round the clock medical support. The Company employs a number of on staff nurses and contracted health professionals to ensure that the patients are tended to properly. Outsourced healthcare professionals include pain management physicians, pharmacists, and mental healthcare professionals.

HomeHealthPRO is a revolutionary scheduling and staffing solution that gives home healthcare agencies and clinicians a secure, easy-to-use platform to connect and deliver timely patient care. HomeHealthPRO solves scheduling and staffing issues by connecting agencies and qualified clinicians to provide timely care. HomeHealthPRO provides a safety net for agencies when a clinician leaves or is ill and cannot complete scheduled visits.

VIP Physical Therapy is a mobile luxury Physical Therapy service to consumers who understand the value in safety, convenience and exclusivity. PTCS provides an inclusive treatment for physical therapy related problems that includes a variety of premium services for one all-inclusive price.

As consultants and coaches, we help you define your business by documenting a winning strategy, dynamic actions plans, and projects that steer your company towards your clearly defined goals and objectives. We work with you and your team to inspire performance and accountability. We will help you improve your productivity through a step by step business coaching process with the outcome of personalized action plans that are geared towards helping you identify and seize opportunities.