Home is the new care facility

How we’re redefining support, wellness and physical therapy.

Has home ‘sweet’ home become home ‘care’ home? It certainly has.

According to recent reports, there is the potential for billions of dollars related to care services to be shifted from traditional healthcare facilities to the remit of the home – by 2025 (McKinsey & Company, 2022). This aligns to the new landscape of medical staffing, where the home is becoming the heart of on-location care, aligned therapy and tailored programs.


A holistic look at how healthcare is provided

With the advent of COVID-19 and the on-going pressures faced by a diversity of healthcare facilities in managing the influx, providing care at home has become a key healthcare solution.

Patients are now surrounded by a digital ecosystem of tele-health measures, as well as the opportunity to access in-person visits by traveling nurses. Getting physical therapy programs and support at home continues to expand, with reports indicating a forecast of “steady progression” overall (GlobeNewswire, 2022).

With the pandemic driving a complete shift in viewpoint as remote working, hybrid options and technology powered solutions continue to dominate headlines, the conversation around home care has been put front and center.

Reporting highlights the increase in awareness for home-based care, services and solutions as part of COVID-19 – as well as the continued expectation for growth off the back of an aging population and other health related issues (Research and Markets / PRNewswire 2022).


The rise and role of traveling nurses

The result and impact of this new healthcare and homecare landscape?

Patients, in the comfort of their own home and surroundings, are putting up their hand to request traveling nurses and medical staffing. Commentary in this space reinforces that these highly-qualified professionals are in demand and opportunities continue to grow – even beyond the pandemic (Advisory Board, 2022).


What’s next?

To meet the on-going requests and rise in services and staffing needed, we know the vital importance of being able to seamlessly match quality medical professionals with quality employers – to ensure it’s the right alignment and a win/win situation. In bringing to life our Cartera “Circle of Care” approach, we know the supreme importance of having industry-leading clinicians on your team to deliver the utmost care and attention.


At Sterling Staffing Solutions, we’re all about providing the very best cross-discipline staffing solutions for extended healthcare organizations. Across the full suite of home health agencies, physical therapy facilities, hospice agencies, long-term care facilities, assisted living, and nursing homes – we’re your trusted source for staffing solutions with excellence and expertise.


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