Healthcare Staffing Agency

What to Look For in a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Whether you are a new or seasoned healthcare professional, choosing the right staffing agency is a big deal. There are lots of options available, but it’s important to choose an agent who understands your needs and career goals. An agency that does not put your best interest first will cause stress and unnecessary headaches. 

Sterling Staffing Solutions is an industry leader in multi-disciplinary healthcare staffing including home health agencies, physical therapy facilities, long-term care and assisted living facilities, and end-of-life care. What sets us apart from other agencies is that we manage the entire staffing process for our clients, providing them with over 800 fully credentialed clinicians. 

We would love for you to work with us and want to make sure that you work with an agency that helps you advance in your career. We’ve compiled a list of important things to consider when researching the right healthcare staffing agency for you.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Staffing Agency

1. Do Your Research

When selecting a staffing agency, it is important to research the type of company you want to work with, but also their reputation. Look at their social media accounts, their website, and anywhere they’ve been featured. It may behoove you to chat to other healthcare professionals to learn about their experiences with agencies as well. This will provide you with insight into the business itself and if they are a good fit for you and your career. Don’t be afraid to reach out via social media or email to ask them specific questions. 

2. Learn about their Services

Take the time to dive into the company’s website. Look for details about their services and what they provide those who work with them. Research what positions they are currently recruiting for and what experience is needed. Using a multi-disciplinary healthcare staffing agency ensures variety and a greater number of opportunities for those in the healthcare industry. 

3. Dive into the Recruitment Process

Sterling Staffing Solutions, like many healthcare staffing agencies, have a scrupulous screening process. Oftentimes, job listings will require a certain amount of years of experience because it is our goal to work with the best talent in their fields. It’s important to fill the needs of healthcare organizations we work with and have created in the highest capacity. As you begin your research, ask about these processes and know what is required of healthcare professionals when looking for jobs to make sure you meet the required qualifications.

4. Ask the Right Questions

When talking with a staffing agency, ask the hard questions that will help you determine if they are a good fit for you.

  • What are their strengths?
  • What is the average time to fill specific positions? 
  • How are candidates screened and interviewed?

Learning how the agency works with you and conducts business are things you, as a healthcare professional, should consider when choosing an agency. 

5. Opportunities

Working with an agency can help you discover what type of facility or role in healthcare truly interests you. Rather than shifting workplaces or changing the course of your career, an agency that is multidisciplinary can allow you to work in different environments. Using an agency makes it easier for you to switch assignments or facility types if a position isn’t working out for you. 

To learn more information about Sterling Staffing Solutions and how we can help, contact us today!